KIm is still the best! I hadn't been in for a while and wanted to purchase a new package for VelaShape and she offered me the same discount I had last year. She goes above and beyond. I love her honesty and integrity in making sure you get the right treatments.
Kari S.
San Diego, CA
I loveOxygen!! I have been a client for 8 years. I have had many different treatments and Kimberly has been awesome. I am currently utilizing the Venus Freeze for skin tightening. I am very happy with the results. My husband has noticed a big change too!!! I highly recommend Oxygen!
Robin R.
San Diego, CA
I just finished 3 intense pulsed light treatments with Meghan, who was almost as amazing as my results! She was so awesome and friendly. I was nervous about my first treatment but she was very realistic and reassuring, I actually looked forward to my next two treatments with her. And I'm glad I went back cuz I am so happy with the results and will definitely be back for some of the other treatments they offer. If youre looking for anything on their spa menu, this is the place to go!
Christine O.
San Diego, CA
I bought a package of 6 laser hair removal sessions from a daily deal site for Oxygen. I am in LOVE. I love the results, I love the spa and Megan is THE BEST - super friendly, down to earth and explains everything along the way. She put me at ease immediately and talked me through what was going to happen, what to expect afterwards and even personally called me a couple weeks after my initial treatment to see how I reacted. My only complaint is that it's in Del Mar and I live in OB - but I can't take any stars away for my choice of neighborhoods to live in. I would refer anyone looking for laser hair treatments to Megan in a heartbeat!
Rachel D.
San Diego, CA
This is my third visit for the Velashape treatment and so far I am very pleased with the results. I believe the Velashape along with exercising and watching my sugar and sodium intake has been a valuable combination to getting results in reducing my cellulite. The Velashape feels like a hot, deep tissue massage. It can be intense but I know it's working. I highly recommend Kimberly who not only is very nice and easy to talk to, but very knowledgeable and has been doing these types of treatments for a very long time. She will examine you and tell you which treatment is best for you and put you on a good plan. Love Kimberly! The office is clean and the staff is very friendly.
Donna Y.
San Diego, CA
Oxygen Med Spa is absolutely the best med spa I have visited!! I have previously gone to other spas where they just try to sell you into additional treatments. Here, Kim works with me to find out the areas I want to work on and she puts together a program to achieve those results. I have been getting Velashape and Venus Freeze treatments to help remove cellulite and firm my skin. I definitely notice a visible difference in my body. My stomach is much flatter and I have lost some fat around my belly button. Now I am more motivated to go to the gym to speed up the results. In addition Dr. Batra and his staff are amazingly friendly and very knowledgable. Dr. Batra has gone out of his way to fit me in as a consult. Great job guys, you definitely have a loyal customer!
Michelle M.
San Diego, CA
I have worked for Oxygen for a year and a half only leaving due to a move to the east coast/abroad. In all my years of working in the medical spa industry, I have never come across an aesthetician as knowledgeable as Kimberly. Her ability to transfrom skin is unparalleled, many clients have stated that she simply "fixed their skin." Kimberly is passionate about what she does and is consistently aiming towards client resuslts. Now, vela shape is by no means a miracle worker and having worked in this industry for three years I have seen little to varied results with it. Once I started working at Oxygen that changed. A vast majority of the clients there saw results, as long as they were maintaining a healthy lifestyle along with the treatment. I can personally think of at least 3 clients that were seriously impressed by their results- keep in mind while there I performed laser treatments, so only about 4 or 5 of my clients had undergone a full treatment of vela shape with Kimberly. Lisa is now their nurse, and again shes is extremely experienced and cares deeply about her clients.
Meg M.
Bethlehem, CT
Ladies, if you are looking for a vetted, thumbs up place for your cellulite zapping treatments, this is the place to go. I bought a Living Social coupon for 3 velashape treatments for the back of my upper thighs, and so far, I've used up 2 treatments. Kimberly, who's the owner of Oxygen, worked on my thighs. She gave a moderate amount of pressure so the treatment feels like a deep tissue massage, and she made sure that the device never gets too hot each time I was there. Kimberly will try to target as much area (as possible to zap those nasty fat cells and even out the skin) so you feel that you are getting your money's worth. So far, I'm pretty pleased with the initial results. I'm looking forward to more treatments with Kimberly. Also, Kimberly is very knowledgeable - I get diet and exercise tips from her every time I go. Kimberly has some package deals for Velashape, which if you select the package of 10 treatments, it's only one area (2 sides) for $100, which I think is the best deal around. Parking is easy (free, right outside the building) and the office is on the ground floor as part of Coastal Plastic Surgeons, so you know that there is always an MD around.
Lei P.
San Diego, CA
Kimberly is awesome! I just started the Velashape treatments and so far I love! Kimberly definitely knows what she is talking about when it comes to what it best for your body, she will also set you up with a good plan to go by along with good deals. The whole staff was great and friendly as well. I can't wait to be back for more treatments!
Sophia B.
San Diego, CA